Rappan Athuk

To Castle Falconberg
A light on a dark road

The old coast road seems to have become more deserted, lonelier as you travel north. The occasional wheel rut indicate it is still travelled, but fear of bandits and worse has clearly kept people away. Dark times are here, it seems.
And darkening skies too, with weather closing in from the east. Not a night to be travelling in a place such as this. But travelling you are, and it is with lightening hearts, as the drizzle begins, that you see ahead the great shape and welcoming lights of Castle Falconberg, last bastion before the grim wildlands surrounding the rumoured location of Rappan Athuk.
Castle Falconberg….a place of legend, home for the past 50 years to one of the greatest adventuring groups ever to battle evil across Golarion. A place of refuge, of information, of aid.
As you climb the slopes, hoods tightened against the rain, you can’t help but wonder how wise you were to come this way. Falconberg…your new home

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