Valahesh Hellstrider


Born under mysterious circumstances, Valahesh was left in the town of Falconberg at the age of four by a Chilaxian mercinary.Under the care of Sister Altidea, the young Tiefling grew into a strong, indipendant woman, if perhaps a little withdrawn from the other townsfolk, her infernal lineage marking her out as different and often making her the target of bullies and the one to blame for any random misfortune that might fall amongst the folk of the town.

Tiring of the dull life of the town and the fearful glances of the people, Valahesh set out into the world to become an adventurer. After several successful missions the tieflings’ luck ran out and she was defeated and captured by slavers.

Abused and beaten, she eventually ended up toiling in the mines alongside many others-one of which was a goblin. This creature befriended her (after much perseverance)and in time a bond of trust grew between them. The two planned an escape, and were soon free once more-for they found that they made a good team, with Valahesh’s magic and blade and the goblins’ stealth and cunning complimenting one another well.

Travelling together for a time, the pair did some work for a thieves guild for a few years before moving on(much to the annoyance of the guild master Gorack Siken, a brutal and paranoid man).
Rumours of trouble in Falconberg drew Valahesh back to the dusty old town of her childhood-back to the place that she secretly loved above all things-the only place that she had known anything approaching contentment.

Valahesh Hellstrider

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