Castle Falconberg NPCs


Falconberg Castle is the only civilised outpost in the area. It was built 40 years ago, by the famous knight, Reynar Falconberg, leader of the legendary Starblades band of crusaders. Tragedy struck 10 years ago when Earl Reynar’s only son, Lord Elrak and his wife, Lady Shireena, never returned from Rappan Athuk. The old lord now waits for death, with his grand-daughter, Lady Kryssara, as his only heir.
Notable NPCs
Earl Reynar Falconberg
Age 72. Hero of great renown, now an old man with tragedy weighing his once mighty shoulders.

Lady Kryssara Falconberg
Age 22. Young and idealistic paladin of Iomedae. She is said to long for adventure, but respects her grandfather’s fears for her safety.

Grom Ironarms
Ageing dwarf blacksmith. Former Starblade, now retired.

Age 68. Once a powerful priestess of Iomedae, and one of the Starblades

Argen Greywand
Age 73. The arch-wizard of the Starblades.

Seebo Blackberry
Halfling innkeeper of the Red Wyrm Inn ( the inn is named for Thaurax, a great wyrm slain by the Starblades 40+ years ago in Numeria)

Age 38. Half orc captain of the guard

Minetta Hyan
Half elf bard and schoolteacher of the Keep’s children. Minetta was a member of the Fire Hawks, but for some reason, did not accompany them on their final, fatal(?) mission to Rappan Athuk.

The Fire Hawks
An adventuring party of some repute. They went twice into Rappan Athuk, but did not return from their last visit about 8 months ago. In addition to Minetta Hyan, who chose not to go on the final journey, the Fire Hawks were:
- Azarthaine of Hallowfall, male half-elf wizard
- Mezurgh, male human rogue
- Kalina, female human cleric of Sarenrae
- Andwyn, male dwarf fighter
- Adrenai, female elf rogue
- Marsenter, male human fighter

Other NPCS known in area
Wicked half orc murderer and bandit

Evil wizard of great power, fled from Taldan after sacrificing young girls to summon demons.

Druidess said to live in Forest of Hope and protect it savagely from all interlopers.


Castle Falconberg NPCs

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