Rappan Athuk

Tigers, Worms and Talking Skulls

Initially evading the purple worm, the party encountered the horror of Scramge, rakshasa illusionist, and slew their own compatriot Valahesh, believing her to be a vrock; and Scramge to be Valahesh! It was only the intervention of Triana, using their most puissant scroll, that the truth was revealed and the beast dispatched, and even then Triana nearly paid with her own life.
It was a somewhat disconsolate, if victorious group that limped back into Falconberg. Luscious to the grateful arms of his beautiful young fiancé, Kryssana, and the others to persuade Mother Altidea to resurrect their fallen companion. This the ageing priestess did, happy to help the young tiefling she cared for fondly, even though such magics draw an increasing toll on her ageing frame.
Leaving Falconberg after a period of rest, they sought the help of Drusilla, though it transpired the Mwangi exile had problems of her own, feeling the loneliness of her own exile from the world. Seeing an opportunity to unite two lonely people, Triana and Valahesh promised to matchmake Drusilla with Minetta, hoping the gentle bard would be happier with the druidess than as the (unspoken to Lucius) sex slave to Lady Kryssana.
However, Rappan Athuk’s call was strong, and this time their planned attack on the purple worm was successful, if not without pain!
It also guarded great treasure; the spear of Sectorius, a Desnan mantle and Hellflame for Valahesh’ sword. And this did not include the release of the faerie dragon, Snagletooth!
Finally they questioned the Oracle; Triana’s sister lived still, but is held in the lesser temple of Orcus. Worse though was the tale that the true Kryssana lies a prisoner in the lair of Turane, and her place in Falconberg is held by Sinshefra, daughter of Malcanthet, Queen of Succubi! If true, then Lucius has lain with a princess of the Abyss!!!


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