Rappan Athuk

The journal of Valahesh

Returning to my homeland is a strange thing indeed-although only a few years have past it seems like another life, or some half remembered dream-one that was pushed to the fore when I met with an old friend-a boy named Alucius-now a man.
At first I didn’t recognise him. He has changed in those brief years-not just in body, but also in mind and attitude. Despite his bravado it seems the weight of his heritage is beginning to weigh down upon him.
The realm too has changed-it seems grimmer now. The shadows grow longer and deeper with the wasteland pushed up against the very gates of the white keep. Perhaps now it is a home more befitting my kind, although ironically I strive to turn back the shadows. I will succeed and turn my back on this place once more or die in the attempt.

Two others have joined us on our quest. A warrior and a caster of spells-both from some strange order. They seem proud and superior, scornful of this precious home of mine and its quaint ways but they were not openly hostile to the Prince and I-a rare occurance, especially with servants of the gods. The sorceress Triana seems particularly driven, though both are business like and eager-qualities that I admire.

We travel on to the keep now. Soon I will tread the stones of home again. What changes here, will the hand of time have wrought?


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