Rappan Athuk

Message to Turane

Lord Turane,
They arrived at the keep, and behaved more or less as expected. The woman, Triana, was focussed, and may be the most perceptive and seems suspicious, but will fare little better than her “sister” Kalina; they place such stress on virginity, and just “fall apart” when it is taken from them! They encountered a beetle on the road, and some wandering shadows, but also dispatched the two trolls with relative ease. They chose not to fight Lord Simrath….one day we will have to deal with that blood-sucking aristocrat ourselves, if we cannot engineer a party of adventurers to do the deed for us, but for now we play for a far greater prize.
I lost “sight” when they entered Rappan Athuk, where they will probably die, but should they not do so, I have the tools at my disposal to ensure we triumph.I did try to persuade them to go down the well, but failed, and did not push the enchantment.
I shall visit tonight for some fun with her, but must return by dawn.


Guyboy Guyboy

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