Rappan Athuk

Letters to the Tower III

Mistress Carradine,

It has been several weeks now since I received a response. I trust that these letters are being received. If I do not receive a reply by the next full moon I will attempt magical means to verify this.

Nevertheless, my reports continue. We completed the second level despite heavy opposition from both a powerful fallen undead knight and a corrupted survivor of the Fire Blades. We captures the barbarian alive and returned to Falconberg narrowly avoiding a further shakedown by the Hobgoblin mercenaries. I fear that conditions are no better at the citadel, I remain deeply suspicious of the Baron’s granddaughter and her relationship with Lucius.

Returning to the ruins we descended through the ogre’s hewn passageway we were able to descend to the third level. It is a maxim of our order that every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit. If this is true then we must be in store for truly great benefits. Upon entering the great cavern at the entrance to level 3 we were set upon by a immense purple worm. I always believed these were found in the deep reaches of the earth, perhaps some power has cultivated it as a guardian. A crystal stair lay in the center of its lair – perhaps the ‘benefit’ we can expect lies beyond?

After receiving a sound thrashing by this monstrosity we fled and were able to sneak past after a short period. The warren of caverns beyond were filled with a variety of foul creatures, undead wraiths, displacer beasts, some skeletons cunningly disguised as the powerful ‘black’ skeletons, and a cavern full of opportunistic stirges that drank their fill of us before they were destroyed. At the last we found a cavern filled by a palpable sense of evil. We decided to return to the surface and rest in our redoubt in the wood. We saw off the waiting bandit scouts and made our way clear of the ruins in good time.

One thing to reflect upon… It appears that the area of tunnels we had just explored was located beneath ‘the Well’ a famous Rappan Athuk landmark. It appears the urban myth ’don’t go down the well’ proved to be over cautious as we seem to have explored a goodly part that said, there are a number of places to explore further. Firstly the area of evil, where we fought the wraiths; secondly a series of magical doors; thirdly the base of the displacer beast’s cliff and lastly the cavern of the purple worm. With practice and rest, it may be that the last route maybe the most practical.

She shall discuss and set off on the morrow. Expect a further report in three days time.



Guyboy TheSword

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