Rappan Athuk


The time draws near. Bring your forces to the fort. We may need all our strength if her plan does not proceed without flaw. I would rather be ready in case her confidence in her plans is not as perfect as her beauty. Falconberg is still a formidable foe, and the recent group of adventurers may prove more dangerous than expected. The Sectorius boy may be malleable, and hasn’t found the spear. The goblin will be as treacherous as any of his kind, but the tiefling bitch and the self righteous whore are a concern. I will be happy when they are bound and broken; you can enjoy one, and I the other. Make a change from our current captive, who she keeps for her own enjoyment whenever she returns!
The hour draws close…. With Falconberg in our grasp, the dwellers in Rappan Athuk will make cause with us, and grant us what we seek.


Guyboy Guyboy

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