Rappan Athuk

Into the dungeon and more!

Not all monsters are ugly

The party began by battling through the green gargoyles, and successfully entering Rappan Athuk. In it’s gloomy corridors, they encountered disturbing signs of “wrongness”; an ant covered skeleton, a card table and, of course, the dung monster, which they wisely avoided. Initially responding to the screams of a half elf girl seemingly attacked by rats, they fell right into the wererat ambush, but prevailed, slaughtering the beasts. Descending to the next level, they battled a troupe of ghouls in a hidden room. They triumphed, but were exhausted of spells, Lucius seemed under a strange malaise and mindful of the warnings given, they decided to return to Falconberg to regroup.
A wise decision, but not without cost, as exiting RA they were “shaken down” by Daarog and his hobgoblin bandits, and relieved of what gains they had made. It was a chastened group that finally returned to the castle on the crag!
The events within Falconberg are best told by the players, and involve different perspectives. However, barring Lucius, all mow believe that something is wrong in this bastion of light, and that possibly that something revolves around the sweet, beautiful, noble and blonde granddaughter of the great Lord Reynar…..
The more experienced party returned north after the shenanigans in Falconberg…..and nearly didn’t get to RA at all! They were losing a battle with a bugbear band, when all combatants fled at the waves of fear generated by a mighty beast flying across the forest. A great dragon, crimson and terrifying; a reminder of a possiblefuture quest.
They, or at least the two females, Valahesh and Triona, befriended the druidess Drusilla, and gained a cave, once the home of giant spiders, as a closerbase to RA.
Descending once more into that place of horror, the group were fought to a standstill by black skeletons in the dark and forced to retreat. They did, however, capture the madman, Marsenter, formerly of the Fire Hawks, kill Ambro the mighty ogre and his followers , and eventually slay the undead anti-paladin, Saracek, gaining great wealth in the process.
Cleverly avoiding another encounter with Daarosh and his men, they returned to Falconberg in triumph, laden with loot to sell, and eager for a further venture into the depths. But all is not well in the lands above…….


Chastened! Bah!!! The only chastened I do is chasen buxom wenches round the village with a riding crop! Daarog can suck my massive green mushroom! -Prince R.

Into the dungeon and more!
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