Rappan Athuk

Dearest Asdrubel

Dearest Asdrubel,
Our plans proceed apace and I believe I have a lead to the whereabouts of Kalina’s mantle, which will give us great power. We must remain cautious however; Rappan Athuk is a place of great peril, and there are powers within greater than we can possibly face. Even Turane and his “ally” are not the equal of the things that lurk in the depths of that place.
I have heard that Triana and Alain have journeyed to Falconberg, and will doubtless travel beyond to the Graves. Be alert.
When you capture them, be sure to deflower her by force as this will weaken her power, and leave her unable use the mantle….besides it will be fun for you! Take from her the one thing I cannot give you (though I’ve done pretty much everything but!), then either kill her or keep her aas you wish.
As for Alain…..I want him for myself. He needs to pay for choosing that insipid bitch over me.


Guyboy Guyboy

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