Rappan Athuk

Blonde on blonde

Although well-appointed with furnishings and bed, the cave was still a cave and offered nowhere to run. All the beautiful young blonde woman could do was press herself back against the wall as her tormenter entered. It was like looking into a mirror; golden hair, blue eyes and a face of innocent beauty smiled back at the captive. " You are so beautiful, my sweet one", the newcomer spoke softly.
“Leave me alone,” the girl whispered, " you can hurt me physically but you won’t see me cry again!"
“Hurt you?”, the other laughed, " why would I hurt you? I love you deeply bi merely thought you might like to know about the sex games I’ve been having with Lucius. In case you ever escape, you’ll need to know how to please him". This time her laugh was cruel, as she watched her double flush red in embarrassment and shame.
“Demon whore”, some defiance returned to the captive girl," say what lies you will!"
Briefly, the blonde’s eyes flashed with a scarlet anger and she grasped the other girl by the hair, twisting it and gaining a whimper of pain. The dominant girl forced a kiss from her captive, who struggled helplessly against her superior strength. She then released her captive, pushing her down on the bed.
The stronger girl smiled again. " I’ve brought you a gift my love". Returning to the drape she dragged in a young girl, no more than 14 years of age. The young girl’s eyes darted in fear, though her body was clearly dominated by the crueller Kryssana, who gently drew a cruel knife and held it to the girls throat.
“Neryssa! No, please don’t!”, Kryssana screamed out of fear for the young kitchen girl, “please, please….I’ll do what you want”, sobbed the young paladin, her resistance broken.
" I thought you weren’t going to cry", laughed the other Kryssana wickedly," now do as I wish. You know how much more I enjoy you when you do it from your own free will"
Sobbing, Kryssana removed her dress as her beautiful tormenter, also Kryssana, slipped from her own clothes and moved sensuously to the bed. " of all of them, you are the sweetest", murmured the hedonistic fiend as she slipped her arms around the human girl and tasted the first of many kisses.


Guyboy Guyboy

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